okay. thank you so much for the advice. i'll be sure to ask her, too. i just don't know what to do!

You’re welcome and I’m sure you’ll have a lot more help with her haha

so i'm going to my friends' senior banquet on saturday, and i really want to a. wear foundation for the first time in forever but i'd have to borrow my mom's and b. do something cute with my hair that is easy. do you have any suggestion for both? for b i was thinking of doing something with a big hair clip i have and twisting my hair up with a few braids, but what would you suggest? i also kind of want a nina nesbitt make-up look, but i usually don't wear that much make up. should i go for it?

If you want a really good opinion on this then you can ask inthestyleofnina (she fab)
To play down the makeup I would jut do basic foundation/concealer and then mascara with the winged eyeliner but if you can’t do winged then just do liquid eyeliner in a thin stroke with a flick at the end
And a cute messy bun is always nice with a braid around it but if you want to do the thing with the hair clip then go for it, it’s your hair and I bet it’ll look amazing either way you do it :)
(Most of this is the words coming out of my friends mouth btw)

My guy friends are better than my lady friends by far

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I know you so well


#tbt Hong Kong, one of my favourite places in the world

@ninanesbitt: Stay Out or The Apple Tree EP’s are my favourite ones